Research and development system


Project manager
  • Hiroshi ISHIGURO (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)

Group1: Development of a CA which has a humanlike presence and a lifelikeness

Group leader
  • Hiroshi ISHIGURO (Osaka University)
    Development of a CA which has a humanlike presence and a semi-autonomous intelligent interface.
Principal investigator
  • Kohei OGAWA (Nagoya University)
    Research on the cognitive aspects of a high presence tele-operation interface
  • Yoshihiro NAKATA (The University of Electro-Communications)
    Research and development of a mobile humanoid CA
  • Masahiro SHIOMI (ATR)
    Development of a Huggable CA
  • Yuichiro YOSHIKAWA (Osaka University)
    Development of life-like CA and mechanisms for collaborative conversation
  • Takashi MINATO (RIKEN)
    A study on generating natural CA motion without being aware of tele-operation
    Development of an interaction behavior learning method for CAs

Group2: Research and development on unconstrained spoken dialogue

Group leader
  • Tatsuya KAWAHARA (Kyoto University)
    Research and development for unconstrained remote spoken dialogue
Principal investigator
  • Hiroshi SARUWATARI (The University of Tokyo)
    Research and development for acoustic information processing and voice conversion
  • Ryuichiro HIGASHINAKA (Nagoya University)
    Research and development for dialogue knowledge processing
  • Akinobu LEE (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
    Research and development of CG-CA specific dialogues

Group3: Human level knowledge and concept acquisition

Group leader
  • Tatsuya HARADA (The University of Tokyo)
    Concept learning and multimodal recognition
Principal investigator
  • Yusuke KUROSE (The University of Tokyo)
    Corpus development for semantic understanding
  • Lin Gu (RIKEN (AIP) )
    Continuous Learning and Memory Mechanism
  • Yusuke MUKUTA (The University of Tokyo)
    Research on time series prediction and estimation of the causality measure
  • Jun SUZUKI (Tohoku University)
    Natural language processing

Group4: Cooperative control of multiple CAs

Group leader
  • Takayuki NAGAI (Osaka University)
    Development of flexible CA control technologies
Principal investigator
  • Tomoaki NAKAMURA (The University of Electro-Communications)
    Hierarchical control for autonomous mobile robots
  • Komei SUGIURA (Keio University)
    Research and development of Embodied Dialogue CAs
  • Tadahiro TANIGUCHI (Ritsumeikan University)
    Research and development of Daily-Physical-Support CAs
  • Yosuke SUZUKI (Kanazawa University)
    Tactile sensing and control for CA manipulation
  • Masayuki HIRATA (Osaka University)
    CA control based on invasive BMIs

Group5: Development of CA platform

Group leader
  • Takahiro MIYASHITA (ATR)
    Development of a platform, hierarchical cooperative control, and tele-operator allocation for CA
Principal investigator
  • Akira UTSUMI (ATR)
    User/CA activity monitoring and management
  • Takashi YOSHIMI (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
    Standardization for CAs

Group6: Multidisciplinary investigation on how avatars and devices affect users

Group leader
  • Shinpei KAWAOKA (Kyoto University)
    Integrative biological analyses on how avatars and devices affect users
Principal investigator
  • Yoshihiro IZUMI (Kyushu University)
    A survey of biomarkers to assess the impact of avatars and devices on users
  • Masahiko HARUNO (NICT)
    Brain response analysis during the use of avatars and devices
  • Hidenobu SUMIOKA (ATR)
    Designing experimental systems for the investigation of biological responses to avatars and devices
  • Aya NAKAE (Osaka University)
    Hormonal responses to avatars and devices: towards the formulation of health standards for users

Group7: Field experiments in the real world

Group leader
  • Hiroshi ISHIGURO (Osaka University)
Principal investigator
  • Takahiro MIYASHITA (ATR)
    Development of a field experiment platform for CAs and support activities of a corporate consortium for Avatar-Symbiotic Society
  • Hirokazu KUMAZAKI (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
    Demonstration experiment for individuals with developmental disorders and depressive disorders
  • Shuichi NISHIO (Osaka University)
    Field testing for older adults and consortium management
  • Masayuki MURATA (Osaka University)
    Research and development of 5G communication systems

Group8: Avatar social ethics design

Group leader
  • Yukiko NAKANO (Seikei University)
    Consortium management for avatar social ethics design and research on avatar communication
Principal investigator
  • Takayuki KANDA (Kyoto University)
    Research and development of moral computing
  • Minao KUKITA (Nagoya University)
    Moral behavior in CAs and humans
  • Kaori ISHII (Chuo University)
    Legal research on privacy issues
  • Fumio SHIMPO (Keio University)
    Research on the avatar law
  • Harumichi YUASA (Meiji University)
    Study of the social implementation of avatars