[Press Release] Release of Open Source Software MMDAgent-EX: Advancing interdisciplinary research on multimodal dialogue and avatar communication in the Age of AI., Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japanese site)
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[News] A man with a mechanical arm is still a man. It will be the same with the avatar (Machine translation ), News(Croatian), University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing
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[Press Release] AI Lab's Demonstration: Robot Customer Service at Airports - Ten Robots Serve Two Customers Autonomously and Remotely (Hybrid way), Conveying Airport's Attractiveness and Exploring a Novel Travel Experience., CyberAgent, Inc. & Osaka University (Japanese site)
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[Press Release] AI Lab Initiates Demonstration in Three Fields for Next-Generation Robot Services - Conducting Autonomous and Remote Hybrid Robot Customer Service, Serving One Person with Five Robots, Exploring Human Enhancement., CyberAgent, Inc. & Osaka University (Japanese site)
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[Press Release] AI Lab held a debriefing session on the findings of three field demonstration experiments conducted on the theme of "Working with Remote Dialogue Robots" as part of the Moonshot R&D Project (Japanese site).
[Press Release] Osaka University and Senboku New Town collaborate on the pioneering 'Senboku Avatar Project' to enhance the region's appeal and address policy challenges., Sakai City
An Experiment Exploring Communication Possibilities: Avatar Robots as Museum Guides for Showcasing the Beauty of Nature and Land-Water Creatures, "Mirai-Nozokimi-LAB" from "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae", NHK Osaka
Exploring the Potential of Communication with Avatar Robots in a Nursery School, "Mirai-Nozokimi-LAB" from "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae", NHK Osaka


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[News] "Preventing Contact: Boku ni Omakase," introduced the demonstration experiment of this project, Article of The Yomiuri Shimbun
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[Press Release] AI Lab Conducted Second Demonstration Experiment as Part of the Moonshot R&D Project, exploring the potential of "Sales Promotion with Remote Interactive Robots" in Supermarkets, CyberAgent, Inc. & Osaka University (Japanese site).
[News] The demonstration experiment of this project was introduced in the article "CyberAgent: Remote Customer Service with Robots", Nikkei Business Daily (Japanese site).
[Press Release] AI Lab Launched Four Demonstration Projects with Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science as Part of the "Moonshot R&D Project" - Part 1: Exploring a New Form of "Childcare with Remote Interactive Robots", CyberAgent, Inc. & Osaka University (Japanese site).
[News] "What if there were another individual just Like You?": Introducing "Androids" or "Clones" who could become "another version of yourself.", "What If' World", NHK
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