Moonshot Goal1: Outline

To overcome the challenges of a declining birthrate, aging population and associated labor shortage, the key is to realize a society free from the limitations of body, brain, space, and time and allow people with various backgrounds and values - such as the elderly and those with responsibilities for nursing and childcare - to actively participate in society.
Our R&D will develop core technologies related to cyborgs and avatars, called 'Cybernetic Avatars', allowing expansion of human physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities. We will build 'Cybernetic Avatar Infrastructure' in the cloud while easing the acceptance of Cybernetic Avatars into future society.

R&D Project: The Realization of an Avatar-Symbiotic Society where Everyone can Perform Active Roles without Constraint

Project Manager
ISHIGURO Hiroshi (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)

This project aims to realize an avatar-symbiotic society in which CAs allow everyone to perform active social roles without constraint. Through the teleoperation of multiple CAs that can fully transmit the user's actions, intentions, and reactions in scenarios which feature hospitality-rich dialogue, the user will be able to take part in various social activities (work, education, medical care, daily life, etc.). By 2050, our lifestyles will have dramatically changed. We will have greater freedom in our choice of location and how we spend our time, and technological advances will have enhanced our abilities. Our goal is to develop and implement avatar-symbiosis within a balanced society.

* refer to Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Moonshot R&D, Program, Moonshot Goal 1