Group7: Field experiments in the real world Activities


Group leader
  • Hiroshi ISHIGURO (Osaka University)
Principal investigator
  • Takahiro MIYASHITA (ATR)
    Development of a field experiment platform for CAs and support activities of a corporate consortium for Avatar-Symbiotic Society
  • Hirokazu KUMAZAKI (Nagasaki University)
    Demonstration experiment for individuals with developmental disorders and depressive disorders
  • Shuichi NISHIO (Osaka University)
    Field testing for older adults and consortium management
  • Masayuki MURATA (Osaka University)
    Research and development of 5G communication systems
  • Yoshinao Sodeyama (Sony)
    Research on a system for simultaneous remote control of the same autonomous CA for multiple skill-specific operation modules


Our work will be on the management and operation of two types of demonstration experiments, one targeting people with developmental disabilities as well as older adults and the other involving multiple companies. We will also work on research and development of 5G communication environments.

We will develop a demonstration experiment involving companies from three different industries, location, service, and CA development. Our goal is to have around 10 companies participate. We will also develop a demonstration experiment which tests the effectiveness of CA utilization for people with some disabilities, such as people with autism or the elderly. For these experiments to be effectively accomplished, we will develop the 5G communication environment. The establishment of this 5G environment will lead at the same time to an expansion of functions of the CA infrastructure, which will allow for smoother CA utilization. In addition to the companies participating in the demonstration experiments, we will recruit companies interested in CA technology and CA infrastructure to organize a company consortium, with the aim of putting CAs to practical use through its activities. Experiment sites will be set up mainly in Osaka (Expo City and Umekita) and Tokyo (Takeshiba redevelopment area, etc.). Our work will proceed in close connection with Group 8.


We will manage several demonstration experiments involving multiple companies and develop 5G communication systems. We will evaluate the demonstration experiments mainly from a pragmatic standpoint. At Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai, we will conduct a wide range of demonstration experiments so that visitors can evaluate the potential of CA technology and CA infrastructure. In addition, in cooperation with the project on Society 5.0 which is promoted by Osaka university, we will establish a system enabling companies and other organizations to reuse the data collected in our demonstration experiments.