Group5: Development of CA platform Activities


Group leader
  • Takahiro MIYASHITA (ATR)
    Development of a platform, hierarchical cooperative control, and tele-operator allocation for CA
Principal investigator
  • Akira UTSUMI (ATR)
    User/CA activity monitoring and management
  • Takashi YOSHIMI (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
    Standardization for CAs


We will research and develop a CA platform that connects a number of CAs and operators.

In order for a number of CAs to be used by a number of operators, it is essential to have a platform that provides the information infrastructure that links both of them. In order to realize this CA platform, we will first clarify the hierarchical structure of the platform. Next, the functions of each layer will be actualized, and the protocols between layers defined. The hierarchy of the platform consists of a user/CA monitoring layer, a CA experience management layer, a hierarchical CA collaboration layer, and an operator-assigned remote control layer. We will implement a prototype of the CA platform according to the protocol, verify its performance in a wide range of environments in the city, and discover new issues which arise in this implementation. In cooperation with Corporate Consortium, we will develop the CA platform considering the interoperability and scalability of heterogeneous services and heterogeneous CAs through the demonstration experiments conducted in Group 7. Our work will proceed in close connection with Group 4 and 7.


A prototype of the CA platform will be implemented in a wide range of outside environments. Its functional verification will be performed by simulation and actual equipment. We will confirm the proper functioning of the protocol through simulation, and also confirm its function and performance through a large-scale demonstration experiment using many CAs.