Group6: Multidisciplinary investigation on how avatars and devices affect users Activities


Group leader
  • Shinpei KAWAOKA (Kyoto University)
    Integrative biological analyses on how avatars and devices affect users
Principal investigator
  • Yoshihiro IZUMI (Kyushu University)
    A survey of biomarkers to assess the impact of avatars and devices on users
  • Masahiko HARUNO (NICT)
    Brain response analysis during the use of avatars and devices
  • Hidenobu SUMIOKA (ATR)
    Designing experimental systems for the investigation of biological responses to avatars and devices
  • Aya NAKAE (ATR)
    Hormonal responses to avatars and devices: towards the formulation of health standards for users


We will evaluate the effects of CA use on humans by investigating changes in metabolites, hormones, and brain activity. Our study will enable us to use CA healthily and safely.

Due to COVID-19, many people use video conference systems such as Zoom daily. With the development of CA, in addition to Zoom, CA will also be used by many people. We will investigate how the use of newly developed CAs affects human physiology. Specifically, we will clarify how the usage of CA affects gene expression, metabolism, hormone, and brain activity. We will also integrate these multilayered datasets to understand the effects of CAs on users. This group will be closely collaborating with all other groups.


The effects of using CAs on the body will be investigated through metabolites, hormones, and brain activity. The research results will be evaluated by comparing them with medical findings.